NBC University


We have an opportunity to participate in a new NBC program aimed at journalists with 3+ years of experience who are looking for the next step of their career. Read on:

What is NBC University?

Are you interested in learning more from America’s leading news organization? With #1 programs across network and cable news, we are a team of best-in-class journalists.

NBC University convenes our best and brightest to give you a window into how we produce for network news, cable, digital, streaming and local. We are looking for innovative, energetic, and intensely curious journalists and producers interested in taking their craft to the next level. NBC University 2019 is a selective program that will take admitted applicants on a journey – from story concept to creation. We will begin by sharing tips on how to successfully pitch your ideas to news executives and produce stories with impact.

You will be challenged to pitch ideas, write and produce a script on deadline, as well as present a production and social plan for your reports. This full-day, hands-on workshop scheduled on Thursday, August 1st for active AAJA members registered to attend the 2019 AAJA convention in Atlanta, GA is designed to teach on-air reporters and multimedia journalists how to break down news events quickly and report stories clearly. By participating in this free workshop, experienced journalists will expand their reporting skills and engage with NBC talent and senior executives and producers.

· Timed writing and reporting exercises
· Conversations with NBC professionals to identify the most effective tools to improve storytelling

The following senior executives and talent will serve as professors at NBC University:

  • Richard Lui, Anchor, MSNBC

  • Kathy Park, NBC News Correspondent, Northeast Bureau

  • Catherine Kim, Executive Editor, NBC News Digital

  • Sam Go, Executive Producer, MSNBC Digital

  • Jareen Imam , Director, Social Newsgathering

  • Charmian Ling, Supervising Producer, Dateline

  • Xuan Thai, Producer, NBC News South Bureau

  • Minah Kathuria, Supervising Producer, TODAY

  • Jamie Nguyen, Coordinating Producer, News Investigations

  • Joy Wang, Senior NBC News Digital

  • Jane Stone, Senior Editorial Producer, Dateline

  • Marian Porges, SVP, News Standards & Practices


NBC University is ideal for attendees who are:
· Producers with at least three years of experience hoping to move up the ranks and learn new skills
· On-air talent looking to move into a new market
· Veteran journalists interested in new media

Please email nbcuniversity.communications@nbcuni.com and USE the SUBJECT LINE “NBC U: AAJA Atlanta app request” to request an application. The deadline to apply is July 12.

Please note applicants should be paid, active members of AAJA and registered to attend the convention in Atlanta. If accepted into the program, you will be responsible for covering your transportation costs and will be expected to bring a laptop or iPad to NBC University.

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